SC Online News is the only newspaper covering the breaking news in the supercomputer marketplace. It reaches thousands of people viewing millions of pages every day. We're offering advertisers the ability to reach the world's supercomputing professionals. The great strength of advertising to our audience is its ability to accurately measure the return on investment. Our advertisers have access to our reports via client login to analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns to help them calculate the value of their brands. This feedback technology enables savvy professionals to produce measurable, real-time results. No competing site offers this service to advertisers. This insight into customers' motivations could never previously be measured so finitely. 

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Twenty-five thousand impressions

Guarantees visibility of your company to a rising number of supercomputing users. Hot linked banners are located in every zone on every page of the site. Delivery: 25,000 impressions. Rate: $12 CPM net/month.
  • Terms: 25000 Impressions
  • Type: Cost Per Impression CPM - Cost Per 1000 Impressions

$ 300.00

One million impressions

This unique advertising opportunity allows you to take advantage of premium advertising positions. Hot linked banners rotate at the top, bottom and right-hand sidebar of each page of the site, email- newsletter and mobile version. Run dates: One month. Delivery: One million impressions. Rate: $4 CPM net/month
  • Terms: 1000000 Impressions
  • Type: Cost Per Impression CPM - Cost Per 1000 Impressions

$ 4,000.00