The new product will be unveiled and demonstrated at the 2017 SPE ATCE.

Paradigm ( has launched Paradigm k, its new Production Management solution. 

Paradigm k ( is a Cloud-based, collaborative workflow for production and reservoir engineers to support field operations in maintenance and management of the well system. 

Paradigm k applies fast and rigorous reservoir physics to real-time decision-making using advanced computational mathematics.  With advanced tools for surveillanceoptimization and collaboration, Paradigm k helps asset teams achieve an elevated level of situational awareness to meet field production targets and eliminate deferment. 

"Paradigm k is the latest addition to our rapidly expanding offering of solutions for production management," said Indy Chakrabarti, Paradigm's senior vice president of Product Management. "The Paradigm k technology provides unprecedented speed and a holistic view of physical measurements and critical production performance metrics at the resolution of individual wells.  This helps detect production issues before they transpire, and enables truly proactive production management at the speed of today's oilfield operations."