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What is supercomputing? Supercomputing is the technology that is used to provide solutions to problems that require significant computational power or need to process very large amounts of data quickly. Supercomputing accelerates the production of research results of benefit to our industries, the economy and society in general. Today, supercomputing is used for innovations such as: advances in medicine for cancer research, improvements in homeland defense, financial services for investment risk analysis, for energy in oil exploration, manufacturing for complex mechanical design, weather forecasting, exploring the cosmos, and entertainment for creating artful digital characters.

Unmatched in its depth of analysis and predictive power, SC Online links the people and ideas that are shaping the future of supercomputing. We're building a loyal following by working hard to bridge the gap between the community that fully understands the unprecedented value of supercomputing, and those technology customers who may not be sure yet. We want to help dispel the myths about supercomputing while driving home the compelling fact that these unique problem solving systems are quickly becoming the new engine of business.

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Our exclusive online community has thousands of daily visitors and millions of page views per month, resulting in massive amounts of data. They're at organizations worldwide including: NERSC, NASA, DOE, NSF, NCAR, US Army, UK Met Office, Cal Tech CACR, BASF Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Credit Suisse First Boston, Bank of America, Motorola, Boeing, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Verizon, Unilever, Ford, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler, Petrobras in Brazil, BioInformatics Institute, National Cancer Institute, Naval Research Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Maui High Performance Computing Center, Infobiogen in France, Kyoto University in Japan, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Wyeth, Merck, McKinsey & Company, Mayo Clinic, Cornell Theory Center, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Oak Ridge National Lab, San Diego Supercomputer Center, Albuquerque High Performance Computing Center, IBM, Cray, Intel, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Ohio Supercomputer Center, ARSC, Sandia National Labs, Johnson & Johnson, and JP Morgan.

SC Online advertising is the best way for smart marketers to reach the most influential audiences. A supercomputing technology sale is complex. Please note the power of advertising to our targeted audience of decision makers and key professionals worldwide who influence buying decisions. Media consumption by business decision makers is shifting to the Internet at the expense of other media like print. It's noteworthy that their usage is concentrated during the daytime, while they're at work. The time that HPC professionals spend online far exceeds the time they spend with any other medium. In fact, many user organizations utilize a Web browser interface as a port of entry to HPC resources. This lets users submit and control jobs, monitor job progress, access user-generated data and visit Supercomputing Online - all via the Web.

Christopher Michael O'Neal, Founder, has many years of professional experience in compute-intensive applications and advertising including, HPCwire, Y&R New York, and DDS New York. He received his Bachelor's degree from CU Boulder majoring in MCDB and Economics. 

Tyler Ryan O'Neal, Editor, is fully committed to the values and principals of Lean Six Sigma methodologies to streamline processes, improve performance, achieve strategic goals, impact cost savings and maximize profitability. Create Flow and Eliminate Waste. 

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Q: My company was covered in Supercomputing Online, and I'd like to post that article on my web site. Can I do that? Whom should I contact?

A: You are welcome to link to content on our site at no charge given the following:

  • The headline of the article is used as a link to the article on out site.

  • The deck (i.e. short description of the story) may also be reprinted on your site.

  • Credit to SC Online News, as appropriate, must appear with the headline and optional deck.

Q: How can I reach your writers?
A: Pitches for the Supercomputing Online staff should be sent to our editorial email box at, where they will be reviewed and forwarded to the correct editor.

Q. What is the most effective way to pitch a company to Supercomputing Online?
A. Please do not contact our reporters by telephone. They are usually working on deadline and phone calls are a distraction. The best way to contact our reporters is through our editorial email box at Emails we receive are reviewed every day and passed along to the correct editor, who will get in touch with you if s/he is interested in learning more. There is no need to follow up with a phone call. The most effective pitches are brief but detailed, explaining why the company is important and what it is doing that is newsworthy and interesting. In short, tell us why they should take a further look.

Q: Where should I send press releases?
A: Press releases flood our email boxes daily. We cannot possible respond to every press release we get. A smart, well-written personalized pitch with a press release is the most effective. If you want to send a press release, please send it to .

Q: What is your lead time? How can I find out about upcoming editorial calendar opportunities?
A: As Supercomputing Online covers breaking news, there's very little lead time to our articles. We typically do not distribute any information on our editorial calendar. With 10 news stories posted daily, we don't have the luxury of a long lead time that print publications enjoy, and that prevents us from setting edit schedules months in advance. Send time-sensitive news announcements to our editorial staff at .

Q: How can I set up a meeting between my company and one of your editors?
A: Please send a request for a meeting to, and label the subject field "Meeting Request." In the email, explain what the company does, who from the company, where and when they will be available to meet, and why you think we would be interested.

Q: Why do you seem unresponsive to public relations inquiries?
A: We receive hundreds of phone calls from public relations representatives, as well as countless press releases and emails every day; it's impossible to reply to them all. If we were to answer every single call and email, we would have no time to research and write articles. However, we will try to answer a question if, after spending some time on our Web site looking for an answer, you are still confused. Please do contact us, either by telephone or email. As always, however, an email is preferable.

Q: Do you accept freelance articles? Can you send me writer's guidelines?
A: We very rarely accept freelance articles. We have a staff of writers that generates most of our articles. As a result, we do not have writer's guidelines to distribute to the public. However, if you think your story is so interesting that we should consider making an exception to that general rule, email a brief pitch to with "Freelance Pitch" in the subject heading.