Front Page Banner Space - This unique advertising opportunity allows you to take advantage of premium advertising positions. Hot linked banners rotate at the left-hand sidebar, top and bottom of each page of the site and email-newsletters. Delivering 1,000,000 impressions for a rate of $4000 net/month.

Hatchling - This space allows you to take advantage of our starter advertising position. Hot linked banners rotate on each page of the site. Delivering 25,000 impressions at a rate of $300 net/month.


All schedules are 100% guaranteed based on traffic. In the event of a shortfall, we will deliver make-good impressions during or immediately following the flight. The reporting contact will be supplied with a username, password and URL to view and retrieve reports online. 

Our advertising is sold on a subscription basis and is billed monthly through a recurring paypal payment, set up at the time of your initial purchase. You may cancel this subscription at anytime by visiting your paypal account and selecting "Cancel Subscription." There will be a 24-48 hour delay to complete removal of your listing or banner. Cancellation will insure you are no longer charged but will not issue a refund for the month you are canceling unless you cancel at least 24 hours before payment recurs. Please act accordingly.


  1. Frequent Supercomputing Online Advertiser Discounts - Advertisers who reach designated spending level through any combinations of products will qualify for the following discounts:
    Advertising Program Discount
    $9,000 5%
    $19,000 10%
    $28,000 15%
  2. Advertisers who commit to an advertising schedule for one year will qualify for 10% discount in the first quarter of their buy.

To buy space, please see the ADVERTISE page or send an email to .

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