The Michigan Cyber Range, hosted by Merit Network, will hold an international cyber defense exercise, called Stampede, during the North American International Cyber Summit on Monday, November 17, 2014, in the second floor ballroom at Cobo Center.

The third annual North American International Cyber Summit is an event bringing together cyber professionals from around the globe to network and learn the latest in cybersecurity. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is the host and keynote speaker for the event.

The agenda features a number of breakout sessions and expert panels. Speakers will address emerging cybersecurity trends, technology and best practices for informing policy, law and all manner of public and private interests.

Merit's president and CEO, Don Welch, will be part of a panel discussing the creation of a skilled cyber workforce. Joe Adams, vice president of research and cyber security at Merit and the director of the Michigan Cyber Range, will speak on a panel about the training and development of cybersecurity professionals.

Summit attendees may watch the live cyber competition, which takes place on the Michigan Cyber Range. Each team will attempt to penetrate and control elements of critical infrastructure within the Michigan Cyber Range's training environment, called Alphaville. A timed free-for-all, teams will plant and maintain encrypted beacons. Teams can attack each other and replace an opponent's beacon. The team with the most active beacons when time is called wins the competition.

Two Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps (MiC3) teams will compete from Cobo Center. Teams from the Michigan National Guard in Battle Creek, the California National Guard, and the Latvian National Guard Cyber Division will compete remotely.

Utilizing Merit Network's infrastructure, the Michigan Cyber Range is a foundational piece of Governor Snyder's cyber initiative launched in 2011 to improve Michigan's cybersecurity efforts and spur economic development. Governor Snyder had the vision to make Michigan a world leader in cybersecurity and his support was critical in creating the Michigan Cyber Range. The Range's efforts were recognized as having national impact by the Department of Homeland Security's 2014 National Preparedness Report.

Now recognized as a leader in cybersecurity, Michigan's annual cyber summit serves as a platform for regional, national and international leadership and innovation. North American International Cyber Summit attendees will come away with a snapshot of the current threats facing them, practice in securing the virtual world and a network of potential partners for cybersecurity collaboration.