Linux Networx, The Linux Supercomputing Company, today announced that it is applying its industry-leading supercomputing expertise to the delivery of a series of innovative application acceleration solutions expected to deliver up to 4x the price/performance value of current application accelerators for key applications. Featuring the industry's most powerful accelerators, tight integration with the compute system, and innovative partitioning of overhead tasks the Linux Networx acceleration solutions can solve much larger problems than traditional accelerators, and can solve them faster and at a significantly lower overall cost.

"Linux Networx has years of expertise designing and integrating innovative supercomputing solutions that solve complex computational challenges," said Bo Ewald, CEO of Linux Networx. "This expertise has given us the insight and knowledge needed to develop accelerated systems that are expected to achieve results 5-20 times faster than traditional solutions for key applications. In addition, our internal architecture ensures that this performance can be sustained over time. As a result our accelerators will be ideally suited for complex applications such as those in seismic processing, national defense and other applications." Multi-paradigm computing using application accelerators can achieve phenomenal increases in computational throughput by shifting the execution of selected algorithms from a compute system's general-purpose CPU to one or more highly specialized accelerators. However, the performance of current accelerators is limited by high levels of data communications overhead and insufficient accelerator resources, squandering potential acceleration capacity. Linux Networx solves these problems by using the industry's most powerful accelerators and ultra-high bandwidth, low latency interface to the host system. Continuing the Linux Networx tradition of innovative leadership in the design, integration, and delivery of advanced supercomputing technologies, Linux Networx accelerators provide advanced acceleration at greatly reduced costs. By leveraging a foundation of commercial-off-the-shelf components and open source expertise, Linux Networx accelerators are expected to be able to deliver up to 4x price/performance value for key applications. Conversely, traditional accelerators are prohibitively expensive due to their reliance on proprietary hardware and development environments. Linux Networx also announced that it is initiating a developer program to optimize the performance of the accelerators for targeted applications and industries, including seismic analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and high energy physics The first commercial release of Linux Networx' new accelerators will be in the third quarter of 2006.