EKOPath 5 is a major revision of the leading C, C++; Fortran compiler suite

PathScale is now shipping EKOPath 5 for C, C++ (03/11), and Fortran (90/95/2003/2008).

This new version is available immediately at no additional cost to customers with a current support entitlement. A 15-day free trial version is available to qualified new customers by sending a request to sales(at)pathscale(dot)com.

The new version of the EKOPath Compiler Suite introduces several key functional enhancements including support for the 2011 C++ standard, new CLANG based parser and semantic analysis, faster compile times, aggressive inlining for C++ and reduced code size.In addition, PathScale EKOPath compilers now support the latest Intel and AMD architectures. This enables programmers to standardize on a single compiler suite for AMD64 and Intel 64 computing applications. In real-world application testing performed by beta users, EKOPath 5 continues to excel in robustness and extend its performance lead over alternative compiler products. This makes PathScale the clear choice for compiling 64-bit Linux applications and delivering maximum performance.

EKOPath 5 Compiler Suite Release Synopsis 
High performance C, C++, and Fortran 90/95/2003/2008 compilers for Linux 
OpenMP 2.5 for C, C++ and Fortran 
Comprehensive support for AMD64 and Intel 64 processors 
Industry leading optimizations 
Supported on SuSE, RedHat, and Ubuntu Linux 
Significant improvements in performance and robustness

Key features of the new PathScale stack are 
Hundreds of bug fixes for Fortran 
Partial Fortran 2008 
Partial C++ 2011 standards compliance 
C++11 lambdas 
C++11 Rvalue references 
C++11 Variadic templates 
C++11 auto-typed variables 
C++11 Null pointer constant 
Optimized AMD memcpy for Bulldozer and Piledriver processors


The release is immediately available to customers with a current support entitlement. A free trial version of the EKOPath 5 Compiler Suite is available to qualified new customers upon request by emailing sales@pathscale.com. Anyone who has downloaded a previous version of any PathScale compiler can renew their registration and become eligible for a new 15-day trial.