Atipa Technologies, a high performance computing vendor, has announced that it will be adding Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors to the Atipa Vision server line. The new line of rackdense two-socket and four-socket servers will be available immediately. Powered by Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors, Atipa's Vision server line uses AMD's Direct Connect Architectureto achieve better overall system performace. With the quad-core ready socket, Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors are designed to provide seamless dual-core to quad-core upgradeability in the same thermal infrastructure. "Temperatures are down while performance figures are up," said Mike Zheng, president, Atipa Technologies and Microtech Computers. "As a performance-oriented company, Atipa is especially concerned with performance bottleneck issues when bringing new hardware to the table. Furthermore, we see the need for long term, sustained, and balanced investment in both hardware and software when customers acquire a Linux cluster. The launch of Vision servers supporting Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors introduces an innovative concept in computing by providing significantly better performance for floating-point applications." AMD has implemented x86-based virtualization with AMD-Virtualization (AMD-V). Founded on Direct Connect Architecture, AMD-V increases performance with multi-core capabilities and fast memory access, while simplifying virtualization software and reducing CPU overhead. The Direct Connect Architecture allows guests to run at near-native speed, switches efficiently between host and guests, and provides isolation of virtual machine memory with an integrated memory controller. "Atipa clusters and servers have been specifically designed to accelerate in the parallel computing environment and are currently expanding in the render farm area at a scale and quality far beyond what has previously been possible" said Dana Chang, vice president, Atipa Technologies. "The exciting new Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors optimized for hardware-accelerated virtualization, will benefit our clients with even more leading edge price-performance and reduction of total cost of ownership." "As Atipa expands its portfolio of AMD technology-based server offerings, it continues to address the escalating performance and efficiency requirements of its customers," said Pat Patla, director, Server/Workstation Marketing, AMD. "Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors are designed to improve business functionality and flexibility with industry-leading performance-per-watt capabilities and a natural design for multi-core processing, for ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership to the end-user."