Siemon, a leading network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to announce that a recent Gallup poll reinforces the importance of the company's ongoing 110-year commitment to U.S. manufacturing.

The Gallup survey shows that nearly half of all Americans are now making a special effort to buy U.S.-made products, and 64% are willing to pay more for a U.S.-made product, citing patriotism, economy and jobs as their top reasons. Government initiatives also call for U.S.-made products for any government or military projects, as well as for projects funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which includes a Buy American provision under section 1605.

Siemon continues to invest in U.S. manufacturing for its core product lines as outlined in a new corporate video. With superior metal stamping, tooling, injection molding and sheet metal forming capabilities, Siemon's ISO:14001 and ISO:9001 certified dynamic manufacturing division in Watertown, Connecticut produces a broad range of leading copper and fiber network connectivity, including millions of Siemon MAX and Z-MAX copper outlets that feature the industry's fastest, easiest and most reliable termination.

"While others in our industry have moved their manufacturing overseas, we are committed to continually investing in our U.S. manufacturing capabilities, just as we have for more than 110 years," says John Siemon, V.P. of Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer for Siemon. "We have deep roots here in Connecticut and our founding principles of quality, service, innovation and value are part of our corporate culture-it shows in the quality and performance of every product we deliver."

"While international trade is important to our economy, I feel more confident in purchasing American made products-with a network cabling infrastructure, there is no room for error," says Stephen Mason, Telecom and Transport Project Manager for Lee County, Florida. "When it comes to reliability and longevity, I believe U.S.-made product quality is second to none and lead times are decreased, all of which add up to improved productivity, efficiency and happy customers."

In addition to U.S. manufacturing, Siemon's new corporate video also highlights the company's commitment to responsible environmental stewardship as the first to earn ISO:14001 environmental certification. Through innovative waste and energy reduction initiatives, the company's U.S. operations are now more than 330% carbon negative, making Siemon the greenest and only carbon negative manufacturer in the industry.