Providing Expertise and Equipment Demonstrate Force10’s Commitment to Better Understand Technology Issues Concerning Computer Security


Force10 Networks has announced that it recently provided the networking infrastructure, including an E-Series core switch/router, C-Series resilient switch/router and an S-Series switch as well as engineering expertise, to the recent 26th Chaos Communication Congress (26C3) in Berlin, Germany. The annual four-day conference, organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), offered lectures, workshops, project presentations and other activities to more than 3,000 attendees and some 9,000 remote participants.

“Since 1984, the Chaos Communication Congress has served as the pre-eminent destination for hackers in Europe to exchange ideas and work on projects that help them better understand issues related to computer technologies, security, society and networking,” said Elisa Jasinska, CCC. “We are glad Force10 provided us with high performance network equipment and valuable technical support so we were able to keep the activities operating smoothly throughout the conference.”

In addition to the lectures and workshops, the 26C3 conference featured a hack center, which is considered a huge laboratory for technological research in a wide range of fields, including operating and testing network hardware and software. Drawing from a long-term successful cooperation between the CCC and Force10, the CCC selected the Force10 E600 as a single core switch and the C300 and S50 solutions in the distribution layer and implemented them to anchor the network infrastructure for the conference and the hack center activities.

“As a technology-driven organization, Force10 strongly supports the primary mission of the 26C3 conference, which is to cultivate and share knowledge with concern to computer and network technologies and security,” said Marc Bruyere, Senior Customer Support Engineer, Force10 Networks. “Because we take this effort very seriously, we were excited to provide resources in equipment and expertise to best support the CCC and the work being done during the conference.”