Members Work for Global Collaboration in the Fight against Cyber Crime

The rise of cyber attacks - and the call for global collaboration on solutions that reduce the threat - has led the United States Secret Service to become the sixth government agency to join Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program (TSCP).

The move reflects a growing awareness of the need for a united effort and common solutions to defend against the advanced persistent threat of cyber attacks against nations and commercial organizations alike. High-profile attacks, such as GhostNet and the U.S. electrical grid infiltration, create the imperative for government agencies and private industry to work together on viable and robust solutions that protect electronic information regardless of where it resides.

The U.S. Secret Service joins the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), U.K. Ministry of Defence, Netherlands Ministry of Defence, and France's Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI), to provide critical insight into the real-world applications of solutions and processes that can protect mission-critical information and intellectual property from theft by politically motivated cyber criminals.

TSCP is the only government-industry partnership dedicated to helping member organizations equip themselves with the necessary means to combat computer-related crimes. As a member of TSCP, the U.S. Secret Service adds to its already formidable portfolio of cyber defense initiatives, including an Electronic Crimes Task Force and Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program.

"As the Secret Service continues to seek new and innovative ways to combat the increasing threat presented by transnational criminal organizations, our ability to partner with the private sector and academia has become the key to our success," said Michael P. Merritt, assistant director of the U.S. Secret Service.  "Membership, on both the Governance Board and the Executive Committee of TSCP, is an honor, and the Secret Service is looking forward to becoming a trusted partner with all TSCP members."

Membership with TSCP offers an extension of resources, expertise, and capabilities, creating a global network of government agencies, aerospace and defense (A&D) companies, and software vendors who unite under the TSCP mantle to collaboratively address the most critical issues in cyber security today.

"Our mission is to foster secure collaboration through federation so that information can be protected while being shared in a global environment. In an era characterized by persistent cyberthreats, we reach out to U.S. and international governments and A&D companies to bring them together to develop solutions that protect information for global collaboration, so business gets done - around the corner and around the world," said Keith Ward, TSCP chairman. "The U.S. Secret Service is a welcome addition to this effort, bringing additional expertise and insight into best-practices for defending against the growth of sophisticated cyber attacks."

In addition to government agencies, TSCP members include BAE Systems, Boeing, EADS/AIRBUS, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Rolls-Royce and Finmeccanica.  Partner members include Exostar.

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