Barco has expanded its projector portfolio with the SIM 7Q HB. This new projector builds on the proven benefits of the SIM 7Q projectors, but delivers a brightness of 2,800 lumens. As such, the SIM 7Q HB is the world's brightest QXGA projector dedicated to the training and simulation industry, and a great solution for systems that need both high resolution (2048x1536) and high brightness. The innovative projector will debut at I/ITSEC, 28 November - 1 December 2011, in Orlando, Florida. The SIM 7Q HB builds on the success of Barco's SIM 7 series, currently one of the most widely used projector ranges in the training and simulation industry. Over the past few years, these projectors have become key components in many professional simulation systems, including 360° domes, mini-domes, collimated displays, faceted displays, and custom solutions. “The SIM 7Q HB was designed following customer requests for a simulation projector that adds high brightness to the SIM 7Q's high resolution, deep contrast and unique smear reduction,” says Peter De Meerleer, Barco's Director Products and Solutions Management Simulation. “The greater light output expands the applicability of this versatile projector range even further, making it ideal for environments where brightness is a critical issue.”

High-bright system for eye-limiting resolution
The SIM 7Q HB uses Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology, which has a number of advantages for training and simulation systems. These include a stunning dynamic range of 6,000,000:1, a high pixel-fill factor and extremely small pixel density – enabling systems to be created with eye-limiting resolution. Furthermore, the unique smear reduction option ensures that even fast-moving scenes remain sharp and free of ghosting. This makes the SIM 7Q HB the preferred projector for fast jet, nap-of-the-earth, and high-speed racing training systems. For even more flexibility, a special portrait mode model – the SIM 7QP HB – is available as well.

Designed for multi-channel systems
A number of innovative features that create a single seamless image using multiple projectors ensure that the SIM 7Q HB can be perfectly integrated into multi-channel systems. These features include: linked constant light output (CLO) and DynaColor to equalize brightness and color between channels, robust electronic edge blending to eliminate visible blend zones, and built-in warping technology to ensure a geometrically correct image on curved or spherical screens. With all of its innovative features and top-of-class specifications, the SIM 7Q HB creates the high-quality images needed for immersive simulation systems, even in environments with challenging light conditions.

Barco will demonstrate the SIM 7Q HB and SIM 7QP HB projectors during I/ITSEC (booth number 2848), from 28 November – 1 December 2011, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

ROADM Technology Drives Advanced Learning Applications

BCNET has deployed the ADVA FSP 3000 in its high-capacity infrastructure. Connecting over 140 research and higher-education institutions, schools and colleges throughout British Columbia, the diverse path, ring-configuration allows the shared IT services organization to offer leading-edge network services to accelerate research, collaboration and learning. Installed by Charter, one of Canada’s fastest-growing integrators, the new network is built on Reconfigurable Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs) providing BCNET with previously unattainable levels of flexibility.

“This network creates more opportunities for British Columbia’s students and researchers than ever before,” said Marilyn Hay, manager of network engineering. “Distance learning, real-time collaboration and grid computing are just a few of the data-intensive applications that are now supported with significantly higher bandwidth. The key to success here is flexibility.  We chose ADVA Optical Networking because it offers ROADMs at price points where other vendors could only offer fixed OADM solutions. This means we now have an incredibly flexible infrastructure that delivers bandwidth to users when they need it, where they need it.”

Network flexibility and ease of use are critical elements of BCNET’s new deployment. To ensure maximum levels of configurability, Charter has equipped all major network nodes with the ADVA FSP 3000 ROADM technology. These ROADM nodes allow seamless interworking with BCNET’s existing MX series routers from Juniper Networks. Thanks to the interoperability of both vendors control planes, network operation can be automated and processes simplified.

“The research and education community are at the cutting edge of technology,” commented John Scherzinger, senior vice president of sales in North America. “They are continually pushing the boundaries of what networks can do. BCNET is no different and it’s incredible to see how it’s driving forward British Columbia’s position within a global community of learning. By expanding its new network on ROADM technology, BCNET is now able to move quicker than ever before. Providing its students with bandwidth and data-intensive applications when and where they need it will fundamentally change the way in which this learning network shares, collaborates and interacts.”

Working closely with BCNET engineers, Charter offered a solution based on current network needs and future expansion plans. “Our emphasis has consistently been on the customer and delivering the right network solution,” commented Paul Chandler, President of Charter. “We know the importance of technology to the network and we understand that this technology brings great opportunities to the network users. As a long-term partner, we have been able to design a network with BCNET that will grow with the organization and will dramatically alter the tools for online collaboration and learning.”

 Visualization specialist Barco has drawn upon its leadership in control room visualization solutions and 3D stereo to develop a new range of LED video wall modules. The OLS series combines the benefits of the award-winning OL series with vivid 3D stereo. This new range addresses both control room and simulation markets, offering a flexible, cost-effective and scalable solution for video walls that need to show stereoscopic images. The OLS series will debut at the GITEX Technology Week, 9-13 October 2011, in Dubai.{dmMaps strt="1317300153" DO NOT EDIT/REMOVE, HIDDEN ON THE FRONTEND ;) }

Barco's new OLS series expands the OL series' applicability with a wide range of extra possibilities and target markets. For the oil & gas sector, for example, 3D functionality is very useful for displaying explorations of underground fields; and in simulation, OLS is a compact, cost-effective alternative for existing high-end multi-projector systems. 

Building on proven advantages 
“It was a logical choice to build further on the proven benefits of the OL series,” says Peter Baumgärtner, Product Manager Video Walls at Barco. “This range uses the latest LED rear-projection technology to optimize image quality, while Sense6 auto-calibration guarantees color and brightness uniformity over the entire wall. Plus, its unique liquid cooling system ensures more than 5 years of worry-free operation in 24/7 mode. A wide range of additional innovative features – including LED redundancy and fully motorized adjustments – minimize installation and maintenance efforts. Furthermore, the wall consumes 30% less electricity thanks to smart power management.” 

Clear 3D effects from any position 
The new 3D-capable OLS series has a standard 16:9 aspect ratio and full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. To create vivid 3D images, the stereoscopic input signal – consisting of left and right 60 Hz source signals – is displayed on the video wall as a 120 Hz image sequence. The active shutter glasses, synchronized by an IR emitter, then filter the left and right signals to create smooth, artifact-free stereoscopic effects. Further advantages are that the 3D impression works at any head position, the full color spectrum is available, imaging is color-neutral, and there is no ghosting. 

The OLS modules have a narrow footprint – less than 450 mm for the 50” version – and are therefore perfectly suited for use in smaller rooms. An optional front-access version, the OLSF, has been designed to reduce the space needed even further. This has the additional advantage that all service can be performed from the front, eliminating the need for a rear maintenance area. 

Flexible, space-saving and cost-effective 
“The OLS range answers the demand from both the control room and the simulation markets for a versatile and cost-effective solution for displaying 3D images,” Peter Baumgärtner continues. “For control rooms, the ease of switching between mono and stereo mode allows the 3D to be integrated into existing video wall applications. It is even possible to share mono and stereo mode in the same display area, making the OLS a great solution for video walls with an occasional need to show 3D. In the simulation market, OLS is a flexible, space-saving and cost-effective alternative to existing high-end multi-projector solutions. With demand for 3D capabilities popping up in an increasing number of applications – not to mention the PR power of stereoscopy in customer centers – we believe the OLS series is an important addition to our portfolio.”

Barco will demonstrate the new OLS series during the GITEX Technology Week, 9-13 October, at the Dubai Exhibition & Convention Center. You will find Barco in Hall 2, booth number C2.20. 

BCC Group International has developed a solution called CALCNODE that transparently calculates complex Microsoft Excel workbooks on high-performance servers, with Solace's high-speed middleware appliances enabling the real-time flow of data between user desktops and the HPC environment. Centralizing computation gives financial institutions confidence and assured compliance while accelerating performance and maintaining a familiar interface experience for end-users.

By combining Solace's ultra-high performance messaging appliance with BCC's innovative software and market data expertise, the solution feeds any mix of third-party market data into custom calculation and compliance models, dramatically increasing their performance. Each spreadsheet connected to CALCNODE can handle more than 2,500 contributions per second. The CALCNODE back-end service can process 400,000 contributions per second across all users while limiting access to authorized parties and logging all calculations and changes for compliance purposes.

"Performance is always top of mind for most capital markets organizations, but compliance is becoming critical as regulation increases," said Dave Clare, regional vice president, EMEA at Solace Systems. "Through our partnership BCC Group is able to offer the best of both worlds to people who use Excel for business critical calculations that need to execute as fast as possible."

CALCNODE is an official Thomson Reuters Partner Solution Program product and can be found on the Reuters application directory on

"We are very excited to leverage the performance of Solace's messaging appliance to take Microsoft Excel performance way beyond what was previously possible," said Mauricio Gonzalez Evans, CEO at BCC Group, "Capital markets organisations will no longer need to recreate Excel spreadsheets as coded applications to achieve speed and compliance."


Unique Solutions Ltd. to use body scanning data to improve clothing fit and healthMy Best Fit

Battelle has granted an exclusive license to Unique Solutions Limited for a technology that will help shoppers quickly find better fitting clothes. The device is based on technology initially designed to protect air travelers and will soon be installed at shopping malls and clothing stores around the country.

Battelle has granted an exclusive license for a technology that will help clothing shoppers find better fitting clothes easily and quickly, as well as assess their overall fitness. 

Unique Solutions Limited plans to revolutionize the apparel industry by introducing scanning kiosks near retail locations that provide quick and accurate sizing information. The kiosks will inform shoppers — at no cost — on the best fitting and most flattering styles from many of the largest brand name apparel lines. Unique Solutions has launched this service at the largest retail shopping mall in the United States — King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania. Additional installations are planned around the country and ultimately Unique Solutions is expected to have the largest database of body measurements in existence.

The 3-D body holographic technology employed in the kiosks is based on scanning technology initially designed to protect air travelers. The technology, which was developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash., utilizes harmless millimeter waves that penetrate clothing and reflect off of the body, sending signals back to a transceiver. The transceiver then sends the signals to a high-speed computer, which then can reconstruct them to create a visualization tool for security applications or compile a detailed series of body measurements for clothing fitting and health/wellness applications.

The PNNL-developed technology was previously licensed by Battelle for use in security applications and is currently being deployed by the Transportation Security Administration in airports across the United States, where it can rapidly identify hidden objects — including plastic, ceramic and other non-metallic weapons.  It has its roots in three-dimensional holograph imagery created at PNNL in the 1970s for nondestructive evaluation of nuclear reactors.  In 2004, the technology won the prestigious R&D Magazine's Editor's Choice Award as "Most Promising New Technology." 

The scanning systems can also be used to quickly and accurately collect useful and relevant body measurement data during the scanning process. This data can then be used by the customer for a variety of purposes, including clothing fitting, but also eventually for helping individuals track their fitness and wellness goals.

For more information about the scanner, visit PNNL's Available Technologies website.

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