BEEcube has announced the immediate availability of BEE4-W. Specifically designed to address rapid system level prototyping of Wireless and Digital Communications designs, the BEE4-W is BEEcube's latest generation FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) Berkeley Emulation Engine (BEE) platform.

BEE4-W Meets Dynamic Mission Critical Prototyping Needs

With four (4) integrated ADC and DAC solutions, the Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA based BEE4-W enables a wide range of high-performance, real-time implementations in multiple military and defense applications.  

BEE4-W allows for flexible algorithm and feature set definitions and as a result excels as a true real-time development and deployment platform for:

  • Radar applications
  • Signal Intelligence
  • MIMO communications
  • Software defined radio (SDR)
  • Wireless (Digital Based RF) Algorithm Applications

"The latest signal processing algorithms can now be rapidly prototyped and deployed on the BEE4-W system, running at clock rates of hundreds of MHz, which directly interface to multi-GHz and integrated A/D and D/A converters," announces Chen Chang, BEEcube's founder.  

BEE4-W Hardware Description

The BEE4-W is a commercial, stackable full speed multi-FPGA based prototyping platform, integrated with DAC/ADC modules for mixed signal and digital communications designs.  The FMC DAC/ADC Module is 4 sets of a single width FMC mezzanine card providing both a 12-bit, 2.3- GSps multi-Nyquist digital-to-analog converter and a 12 Bit, 1-GSps analog-to digital converter. BEE4-W DAC/ADCs are based on Maxim MAX19692 and Texas Instruments ADS5400 components.

Each BEE4-W system or module consists of 4 Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs based on a unique HPC (High Performance Computing) Honeycomb architecture. BEE4 modules can be stacked or clustered to increase capacity without losing speed. Using Sting I/O and depending on the design, users can run prototype logic up to 500 MHz and digital interface communication at 640 Gbps per BEE4-W module, including optical interfaces and multiple Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital components.     BEE4-W supports the latest FMC and QSPF+ interface standards.

BEE4-W modules support of a variety of high-end Virtex-6 FPGAs, including LXT 240/365/550 and SXT 315/475, allowing BEE4-W to support 20 MGate designs per module, or 400 MGates per rack.  

A single BEE4-W has a maximum capacity of 20M ASIC gates, and the quad FPGA design is interconnected with a ring bus and integrated DDR3-800/1066 memory. Each BEE4 FPGA follows a symmetrical design, including identical memory and independent I/Os. Multiple high-speed data interfaces include: 160 Gbps QSFP+, x8 Gen2 PCI Express, Quad 1000BASE-T Ethernet, and Quad FMC expansion slots. The system has a capability of buffering 128GB of data in DDR3 memory.

BEE4-W is bundled, with:

  • Our unique cluster-able Honeycomb symmetrical architecture.
  • The industry's highest available inter-FPGA and BEE4 module to module communication via Sting I/O,  
  • Provides unprecedented programmable application access to your FPGA code, via our distributed Nectar OS ,
  • And a powerful algorithm development and IP library environment with BEEcube Platform Studio (BPS).

BEE4 capabilities include:

  • Fully Scalable Full Speed interconnected Modules, up to 80 Modules per cluster.
  • Integrated Flexible PC x86 based Environment, for BEE4 control, setup and management.
  • Multi-user and remote access capabilities.
  • Full speed network I/O up to 640 Gbps per module.
  • Massive amounts of built-in Memory capability, expandable from 16 GB to 128 GB per module.
  • Large designs can be handled, up to 20 MGates per module.
  • Flexible Expansion Options, including SFP/SFP+, ADC/DAC, and FMC based peripherals.

BEE4 Features include:

  • Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs , Up to 500 MHz
    • LXT240/365/550 and SXT315/475
  • QSFP+, 20 Gbps (8x)
  • FMC (HPC) Expansion Slots (4x)
  • Gen2 PCI Express 8-lane (4x)
  • DDR3-800/1066 ECC RDIMM (8x)
  • Gigabit Ethernet (4x)
  • Independent Globally Synchronous Clock Trees (4x)
  • Integrated Atom PC Module
  • 2U Rack-Module

News Facts

  • Bear River Casino has deployed the Pillar Axiom 600 unified storage system to support a virtualized gaming platform while also accommodating data storage for tribal operations and integrated disaster recovery efforts.
  • The casino, based in Loleta, Calif. and operated by the Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria, demands "always-on" availability of all critical systems as the inability to access vital data could result in huge dollar losses—tens of thousands on weekends—for every minute of downtime.
  • To keep pace with aggressive five-year growth projections while reducing capital costs and increasing operational efficiencies, Bear River decided to implement a virtualized version of its International Game Technology (IGT) casino management system, which ran on VMware's ESX Server platform.
  • In seeking high-performance storage to accommodate IGT's virtualized software, Bear River reviewed benchmark tests conducted by the Storage Performance Council (SPC), assessing the price/performance of competing products from EMC, Sun, NetApp, Dell and Pillar Data Systems.
  • According to Bear River, Pillar Axiom provided unparalleled storage utilization and I/O prioritization (enabled by its patented Quality of Service capabilities), so they could address casino, tribal operations and disaster recovery requirements with a singular platform. As a result, Bear River was able to do more with less while achieving savings of more than $265,000 over five years when compared to other storage solutions.
  • Pillar will be on hand to highlight the Bear River Casino implementation as a bronze sponsor at TribalNet, to be held at Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno, Nev., on October 4-7, 2010 (Booth 12).

Betting on Pillar Axiom for Winning Performance, Scalability & Reliability

  • Senacon drove the virtualization and storage deployment at Bear River, which included a Pillar Axiom with 6 TBs of Fibre Channel storage and 18 TBs of SATA storage; additional capacity can be added easily due to Pillar's modular product architecture.
  • Bear River reports achieving performance that was three times greater than what had been recorded with typical storage configurations for the virtualized IGT software.
  • According to Bear River, Pillar Axiom was capable of supporting the most virtual machines over time along with providing system-wide Quality of Service, which dynamically manages I/O prioritization to ensure critical applications perform optimally under any condition.
  • With Pillar's thin provisioning, Bear River has boosted capacity utilization and streamlined management; "point and click" operation lowered administrative overhead for the small IT team.
  • Pillar's fault tolerant design, which includes active/active storage controllers and distributed RAID architecture, eliminates any single point of failure while elevating overall reliability, availability and performance.

Supporting Quotes

From Scott Joachim, director of information services for Bear River Casino:

  • "Nothing could match Pillar's performance. No other vendor enabled us to assign as many priorities to different storage enclosures and LUNs. With Pillar, we could achieve multiple layers of QoS, while the comparable EMC product would probably support two. To get the same QoS on EMC, we'd have to buy another enclosure at a 50 percent budget increase."
  • "Performance is tuned to our business and application needs. Critical databases and application services are performing beyond expectation. Choosing Pillar was a solid decision for us."
  • "With Pillar's QoS templates, we were able to fold the Axiom's application-aware storage with IGT's Advantage specifications to deliver maximum performance for our mission-critical application suite on vSphere.  Similarly, we can optimally tune our less- critical applications according to priority."
  • "Pillar delivers huge ROI for us. The greatest value is unifying everything for our businesses and DR on one platform, which reduces costs, ensures optimal uptime and provides an economical growth path for the future."

From Jesse Orr, network administrator for Bear River Casino:

  • "Everything worked as planned and the implementation was completed in half the time projected. We were up and running in 30 minutes."
  • "Carving out a LUN is easy, as is setting QoS for each application appropriately. For example, we can assign a premium LUN for an important database and then a lower priority LUN for the operating system. Pillar is much more granular than typical storage in how you set up the system, which effectively optimizes storage utilization."
  • "Pillar's 'point and click' GUI is wonderful. So is the proactive support capabilities that automatically notify Pillar and us if anything is about to happen. I'm not aware of anyone else offering that level of preventative maintenance."

From Donavan Durbin, CIO for Senacon:

  • "The majority of Native American casinos run two distinct IT entities, with separate hardware and different administrative teams, and that drives up cost and complexity. With virtualization and flexible SAN technology, it's now possible to integrate casino and tribal technology in one integrated platform that scales easily to accommodate both operations. Now that the technology is available, the next step is regulatory buy-in as some jurisdictions may be more complex than others."
  • "Pillar is the right solution for this environment. The gaming world is changing and what's needed in a storage platform is high performance, fast transaction speed, scalability and the ability to provision storage based on application needs."
  • "With Pillar in place, Bear River can realize the clear benefits of integrated storage for all its operations without compromise. In this environment, immediate access to real-time information is critical; Pillar enables Bear River to tune workloads to meet whatever business demands arise."

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