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  1. A new computing technology called “organismoids” mimics some aspects of human thought by learning how to forget unimportant memories while retaining more vital ones. Central to the research is a ceramic “quantum material” called samarium nickelate, which was used to create devices being called
  2. CAPTION On July 5, 2017, the Solar Dynamics Observatory watched an active region -- an area of intense and complex magnetic fields -- rotate into view. During its 13-day trip across the face of the Sun, the active region put on a show for several NASA Sun-watching satellites, producing several solar flares, a coronal mass ejection and a solar energetic particle event. CREDIT NASA's Goddard Space F...
  3. CAPTION Computer characters learn complex motor skills like walking and running thanks to an algorithm called DeepLoco, developed by UBC computer scientists. CREDIT UBC Music: Alan Walker - Fade [Creative Commons Music]
  4. As the simulated fiber grows, the model dials back the resolution, representing established parts of the fiber with courser grain, which makes simulating the fibers computationally tractable.
  5. During the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse, scientists will use the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) on the Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite (DSCOVR), along with measurements taken from within the moon's shadow on the ground, to test a new model of Earth's energy budget. Music: Dawn Drone by Juan Jose Alba Gomez [SGAE] Complete transcript available.This video is public domain...